Trend Situation among Asset Classes

After the volatile start of the year for many asset classes, trends turned in the middle of February. Since then it has largely been a one-way move. So, where do we stand now? In this post we review the current trend phase situation among asset classes. For details check the Trend Phase Report. The main… Continue reading Trend Situation among Asset Classes

Trend Status Update

After the recent rout among multiple asset classes we provide a snap-shot of the current trend status. The Bear Phase concentration is significantly high. The current reading is 80%. Only Fixed Income US and EU Govt are in Strength or Bull Phases. For details check the Trend Phase Report. In terms of overbought/oversold situations, the most oversold asset classes… Continue reading Trend Status Update

How Are Asset Classes Currently Trending?

Turning the corner of another month, we review the current Trend Phases among asset classes. The concentration to the Bear Phase of late has decreased significantly during the last month – now standing at 23%. Commodities are still depressed. Emerging Markets equities have to a large extent moved into Recovery Phase, with US equities somewhat stronger. Fixed-Income… Continue reading How Are Asset Classes Currently Trending?

Trend Mode Update

Given the recent market turmoil, we check the current Trend Modes among asset classes. The majority of asset classes are now in Bear Mode – amounting to 61%. Emerging Markets equities are particularly depressed. A few US Fixed-Income asset classes are in Bull Mode. For details view the Trend Mode Report.

Trend Status Update at Halfway Point

We look at the current trend status among asset classes at the halfway point of 2014. The Bull Mode concentration is persistently high. The current reading is 73%. No pure beta asset class is either in Weakness or Bear Mode. For details check the Trend Mode Report. Even though a majority of the asset classes are in Bull Mode, the trend… Continue reading Trend Status Update at Halfway Point