Trend Situation among Asset Classes Reply

After the volatile start of the year for many asset classes, trends turned in the middle of February. Since then it has largely been a one-way move. So, where do we stand now? In this post we review the current trend phase situation among asset classes. For details check the Trend Phase Report.

  • The main concentration of asset classes is now found in the Strength and Bull Phases, 71% in total. Merely 14% are in the weaker phases.
  • Commodities are mostly in Recovery or Strength. CO Precious Metals have trended strongly – currently in the Bull Phase.
  • Emerging Markets equities have moved into Recovery and Strength Phases. US equities are somewhat stronger.
  • Fixed-Income is mostly split between Bull and Warning, FI US High-Yield lagging some.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss implications of the current trend situation. Send a note to Ulf Björkman.

Workshop: “How to Create and Manage a Multi-Asset Investment Portfolio” Reply


This workshop is suitable for investors that wish to sharpen or acquire the skill of creating and managing a multi-asset investment portfolio. The methodology that is covered is general, quantitative and systematic. The portfolio created during the workshop contains multiple asset classes, namely equities, fixed-income, real estate, commodities and hedge funds.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Determine a relevant and modern investment universe, consisting of multiple asset classes and different types of financial instruments (ETFs, futures, index funds, options, etc.).
  • Through optimization generate the portfolio that best fulfills your established objective and constraints.
  • Rebalance the portfolio – know how, when and why.
  • Protect unrealized profits without losing continued upside potential – to participate in a ‘bubble’ on the way up and avoid giving back profits when the bubble bursts. You will learn how the ‘Profit Protection Overlay’ functions.
  • In the short perspective know when and how to adjust the portfolio basis price action in the markets.
  • Generate impressive risk-adjusted return.
  • … and more.

In addition – how is a multi-asset portfolio established that is based on sustainable principles, a portfolio that is ESG-compliant (Environmental, Social, Governance)? This important, but complicated, aspect will be addressed at the workshop. Financial Factory is a member of Swesif, Sweden’s Forum for Sustainable Investments.

When and Where?

  • Days: Wednesday, June 8, 2016 or Thursday, August 25, 2016. The workshop takes place during one day.
  • Time: CET 09:00 – 15:00 (circa), registration and coffee from CET 08:30.
  • Place: Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden. Click here for a map.
  • Last day to register: May 18, 2016 and August 4, 2016, respectively.
  • The number of participants is set to a maximum of 10. Register today to secure your spot.

Price (VAT excluded) 

  • SEK 19,500 | EUR 2,100 | GBP 1,700 | USD 2,400
  • Included in the price: lunch, refreshments during breaks and after, a handbook covering the methodology, two hours of consultation for your own implementation, interesting articles, and other bits and pieces.
  • Discount: 30% discount from participant number two from the same company.

Workshop LeaderUlfBjorkman

Ulf Björkman leads the workshop. Ulf has extensive experience from different roles in investment management, e.g. as CIO and Portfolio Manager at a fund company, that at the time was specialized in multi-asset investing. Click here for LinkedIn-profile.


Send questions by e-mail or contact by phone +46 (0)70 550 54 54.


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Anmälan till workshop: “How to Create and Manage a Multi-Asset Investment Portfolio” Reply

Support.TrainingDenna workshop vänder sig till investerare som önskar utveckla eller lära sig förmågan att skapa och över tid förvalta en portfölj av finansiella tillgångar – en portfölj som omfattar flera tillgångsklasser. Metoden som lärs ut är generell, kvantitativ och systematisk. Den portfölj som skapas under workshopen innehåller tillgångsklasserna aktier, obligationer, fastigheter, råvaror och hedgefonder.

Efter genomförd workshop kommer du kunna:

  • Bestämma ett relevant och modernt investeringsuniversum omfattande flera tillgångsklasser och olika typer av finansiella instrument (ETFer, terminer, indexfonder, optioner, mfl).
  • Genom optimering generera den portfölj som bäst motsvarar bestämd målsättning och satta begränsningar.
  • Ombalansera portföljen – ha kännedom om hur, när och varför.
  • Skydda orealiserade vinster, utan att gå miste om fortsatt uppsida – att delta i ‘bubblor’ och undvika att ge tillbaks vinster när de spricker. Du lär dig hur vår ‘Profit Protection Overlay’ fungerar.
  • I det korta perspektivet kunna justera portföljen basis marknadsutvecklingen.
  • Generera imponerande risk-justerad avkastning.
  • … och mer.

Därutöver – hur skapas en ‘multi-asset portfolio’ som är hållbar och ansvarsfull, som tar hänsyn till ESG-faktorer (Environmental, Social, Governance)? Denna väsentliga, men komplicerade, frågeställning kommer att beröras under workshopen. Financial Factory är medlem i Swesif, Sveriges forum för hållbara investeringar.

När och var?

  • Tillfällen: onsdag 16-06-08 eller torsdag 16-08-25. Workshopen pågår under en dag.
  • Tid: kl. 09:00 – 15:00 (cirka), registrering och kaffe från kl. 08:30.
  • Plats: Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sverige. Klicka här för karta.
  • Sista dag för anmälan: 16-05-18 respektive 16-08-04.
  • Antalet deltagare är maximerat till 10 per tillfälle. Anmäl dig idag för att säkra din plats.

Pris (exklusive moms)

  • SEK 19,500 | EUR 2,100 | GBP 1,700 | USD 2,400
  • I priset ingår: lunch, förfriskningar under pauser och efteråt, handbok avseende metodiken, två timmars konsultation vid egen implementation, intressanta artiklar och annat smått och gott.
  • Rabatt: 30% rabatt från deltagare två från samma företag.


Ulf Björkman leder workshopen. Ulf har mångårig erfarenhet från olika roller inom kapitalförvaltning, bl a som CIO och portföljförvaltare på ett fondbolag, som på den tiden var specialiserat inom ‘multi-asset-investing’. Klicka här för LinkedIn-profil.


Skicka frågor och funderingar via e-mail eller per telefon +46 (0)70 550 54 54.


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Update: New EXIR Solution Reply

EXIRWithin White-Label Solutions we provide the product range EXIR. As a reminder, EXIR stands for EXposure with limited Investment and no or low Risk. EXIR is a solution that gives the end-client full exposure from the outset, without the need for upfront commitments. The downside for the end-client is limited.

EXIR products are created as joint projects involving a Product Partner and Financial Factory. A Product Partner is typically a bank, an insurance company, a real estate firm or fund.

A new EXIR Solution – EXIR Tenant – has been added to the lineup. The Product Partner in EXIR Tenant is a direct owner of residential real estate, e.g. a real estate fund, a real estate company or a private owner. Through EXIR Tenant, a property owner can offer the tenants the following: “Would you like to have the possibility of living rent-free for a number of months – on our behalf?”.

The full range of current EXIR Solutions:

  • EXIR Insurance
  • EXIR Mortgage
  • EXIR Tenant
  • EXIR Union

For more details, feel free to contact Ulf Björkman, +46 70 550 54 54.

Trend Status Update Reply

Support.Chart1After the recent rout among multiple asset classes we provide a snap-shot of the current trend status.

  • The Bear Phase concentration is significantly high. The current reading is 80%. Only Fixed Income US and EU Govt are in Strength or Bull Phases. For details check the Trend Phase Report.
  • In terms of overbought/oversold situations, the most oversold asset classes are CO Energy, EQ US Mid Cap Value and EQ EM Latin America. No asset class is currently in overbought territory. View the current situation in the Overbought/Oversold Report.
  • Checking the Indicator Dashboard, the picture is apparent of highly short-term trending asset classes. In general, the trend indicator have high readings – many cases above 2.0. What is also noteworthy is the negative long-term momentum for all asset classes.

Contact Ulf Björkman for a view of the implications.

Show-Case Forecasting Skills – Participate in the Year-End Cap Contest Reply

Cap1Here is a chance of show-casing your forecasting skills while at the same time having a chance of winning an exclusive Financial Factory Cap. See picture.

Your mission is to forecast the year-end index level of the S&P 500 Index (ticker: SPX). ‘Year-end’ equals December 31, 2015. The official index level is published here. The contest will close on November 11, 2015. If you send more than one forecast, the last one sent enters the contest.

As a starting point, click here for the current level of the index.

The person that has provided the forecast nearest to the year-end official index level is the winner of two caps, the runner-up receives one cap. The winners will be announced in the beginning of January, 2016.

To participate, merely provide your forecast and contact details below.

How Are Asset Classes Currently Trending? Reply

Turning the corner of another month, we review the current Trend Phases among asset classes.

  • The concentration to the Bear Phase of late has decreased significantly during the last month – now standing at 23%.
  • Commodities are still depressed.
  • Emerging Markets equities have to a large extent moved into Recovery Phase, with US equities somewhat stronger.
  • Fixed-Income is toppling – in Warning or Weakness.

For details check the Trend Phase Report.