Trend Status Update Reply

Support.Chart1After the recent rout among multiple asset classes we provide a snap-shot of the current trend status.

  • The Bear Phase concentration is significantly high. The current reading is 80%. Only Fixed Income US and EU Govt are in Strength or Bull Phases. For details check the Trend Phase Report.
  • In terms of overbought/oversold situations, the most oversold asset classes are CO Energy, EQ US Mid Cap Value and EQ EM Latin America. No asset class is currently in overbought territory. View the current situation in the Overbought/Oversold Report.
  • Checking the Indicator Dashboard, the picture is apparent of highly short-term trending asset classes. In general, the trend indicator have high readings – many cases above 2.0. What is also noteworthy is the negative long-term momentum for all asset classes.

Contact Ulf Björkman for a view of the implications.

Trend Status Update at Halfway Point 1

Support.Chart1We look at the current trend status among asset classes at the halfway point of 2014.

  • The Bull Mode concentration is persistently high. The current reading is 73%. No pure beta asset class is either in Weakness or Bear Mode. For details check the Trend Mode Report.
  • Even though a majority of the asset classes are in Bull Mode, the trend strength is not particularly short-term extended. View the current situation in the Overbought/Oversold Report.
  • Turning to volatility, the Variance Risk Premium report for EQ US Large Caps shows a situation of “Caution” among equity investors. However, digging deeper, the cautionary stance is more a result of seriously low realized volatility as opposed to elevated implied volatility.